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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chapter 1

"I can't do it anymore," I cried into the phone as I rolled over on my bed and listened with bated breath for Alice to reply.

I really had reached my limits, in fact, I was beyond them, and I didn't know where else to turn. Alice had always been good about bringing me back from the ledge, even though there wasn't really much she could do with this situation, and she knew it just as well as I did.

We had met in the first year we started high school and had been the best of friends ever since. She coached the shy girl in me to be a little bit more daring. So, when mom wasn't around, I wore my clothes differently and rebelled against the smallest of things. I wore make-up, was more confident in myself and had a wicked tongue that Alice always laughed at me for.

Alice always said that I had changed from a quiet church mouse to a panther. I didn't always believe her, because underneath the make-up and clothes, I was still that quiet girl sometimes.

I never reverted back to how I used to be, but sometimes I found myself wishing that I was that girl again. Not for any reason in particular, but it was always nice to sit, chill out and read a book, or whisper instead of shouting to be heard.

"I don't know what else to suggest, baby girl, but we need to look over your options. You know that I would have you here if dad wasn't the way he is, but I'm sure there's something out there for you. Maybe you could get a live-in job, like a nanny or something?" she hedged as I sat up on my bed, looked around the room and then fell back down with a thump.

Mom had me when she was just shy of eighteen and from the day I was born, I was blamed for everything. It was always thrown back in my face that if she hadn't of had me, she would have had a different life to the one she had now.

My dad would have stayed around, she would have had a better job, a man might like her without having to worry about a tag along little girl. You name it, and it was thrown back in my face.

Over the last couple of years she had made it all the more obvious that I was just a thorn in her side, and now that I had graduated, she was making my life even more miserable.

Every day she would circle jobs and apartments in the local and national and leave them out on the table for me. She talked nonstop, when she was actually home, about how she would change my room into something that she wanted when I had finally moved out and had even stopped buying things for me, not that I needed much, but it still hurt that she couldn't wait to get rid of me and made it blindingly obvious too.

"I'm half tempted to stand on a street corner for a sugar daddy," I joked, not believing my own words for a second. I would never lower myself to a degrading level like that, but in all honesty, if it paid the bills…

"Don't you dare talk about things like that, Bella, do you know how dangerous that could be? You don't have a clue about who is out there," Alice hissed down the phone loud enough to make me pull it away from my ear.

"It was a joke, Alice," I replied with a roll of my eyes as I sat up and managed to boot up my computer with my big toe.


After our long assed debate on what I could do for a job and how to get an apartment fast, Alice came over so we could look on the Internet for some inspiration.

I was lost in a sea of pages upon pages of shit and close to throwing a bitch fit. Why did anyone want to hire someone with letters after their names and degrees in fuck knows what if they were only stock checking and re-filling shelves?

When Alice turned up, she brought snacks with her, so I was slightly less pissed about my situation. If there was one thing that chilled me out, it was snacking and good chic flicks. Alice and I were strict enough with ourselves to work off all the calories that we consumed, so I had no guilt ridden thoughts as we stuffed our faces into the small hours of the morning.

"There has to be something out there," she cooed as she kissed my head when I growled at the computer monitor. Honestly, I knew that economic climate was hard out there, but was it really this bad?

"Not that I can find, it's either a diner job or factory work and no one near here is offering jobs," I replied sullenly as I sat up on my bed. I looked around the room once more and thought about what it would feel like to actually move out. It didn't feel that bad to be honest. I loved my mom dearly, despite the fact that she didn't love me in return, but I couldn't wait to get away from this place now. I loved the town, but not the people in it.

"What are you looking for, anything specific?" she asked as she opened up a packet of Granola Thins. She offered the packet to me and I took a few, trying to form the words.

"Anything really, but I know there's nothing round here to do. I want to get away from here, Alice, I'm desperate to, but I think mom's holding me back. I know she wants me out, but surely she can't dislike me that much to ignore me if I did stay in the area?" I answered sadly as I popped the snacks in my mouth. I had no reason to stay here, but at the same time, maybe if I wasn't under mom's feet all the time, we could at least stay in contact, maybe even be friends.

I wouldn't hold my breath though.

"You need to look further afield hun, there's nothing around here for you," she mumbled sadly.

I think this was her way of saying to not get my hopes up on mom, not that I really would.

"You're here." I gave her a sexy smirk as I nudged her shoulder playfully. I didn't know what I would do if Alice wasn't in my life. It was weird how she could either calm me down or psych me up when needed.

"Very true, but no doubt, wherever you go, I'll follow. You know I hate this place as much as you do," she said with a wicked smile.

"Love you, Ali," I said softly as I kissed her lips.

We weren't dating, never had done. In fact, we weren't even gay, we just kissed, and some other stuff every now and then when times called for it, but we both liked boys, men. However, we were comfortable enough with ourselves and each other to give into a little mutual pleasuring when the dating scene was running dry or when we were stressed and needed something to chill us out.

I can't even tell you how or why it happened, but we both put it down to experience.

"Love you too, babe, but let's keep looking for jobs."

A few hours later and we had dwindled down the options to a few, but nothing was available when I called the numbers listed.

I wanted to throw the phone across the other side of the room by the time I got to the bottom of the list, but yet again Alice was there to calm me down and talk me through things. This was only my first proper day of searching for jobs, so I just needed to keep looking and keep calm.

Easier said than done though.

Alice left a short while later, stating that she had to get dinner ready for her dad and left me to it.

If I got a job out of this town, it would kill me to be away from her. Despite the fact that she said she would come with me, I knew that she would find it hard. Her father was a tyrant and ruled his house with an iron fist. If she even suggested moving out, he would lock the doors and windows.

That's why she didn't end up going to college. He wouldn't let her. His view was that a woman's place was in the home, so she needed no further education.

It crippled her.

She was such an intelligent girl and could go so much further than what her father saw for her.

I sadly made my way downstairs as I thought about what I could fix myself for dinner.

I knew for a fact that mom would be out for most of the night, if not all of it, so it would be just something simple.

As I got some stuff ready, I rolled my eyes as I cleared the counter of the newspapers that mom had left out for me again.

And that's when I noticed the advert.

It called for young women to apply for a live in position who were great at working in small groups and who weren't camera shy. The details didn't go into anything further, but there was an email address listed.

I quickly ran back up the stairs so I could shoot off an email to them in the hope that they would get it before the close of business for the weekend.

With that done, I quickly grabbed a sandwich before getting my things ready for my small and meaningless shift at the library in the morning.

The town we lived in was so small, they couldn't afford to pay me much at all, but it did help out when it had come to school books in the past as they let me have them at the trade price and not retail. Yet another thing my mom couldn't bitch at me for, how much money I cost her.

I knew for a fact that it wasn't even worth asking them for a full time job, but as I had some experience with the system here in town, I made a point to see if there were any positions in the next town over, or even in the city, over the next few days. I mean, it couldn't hurt to find out, surely.

As the evening wore on, I thought more and more about the job that I had put my interest in.

A live-in position would be fantastic and would get me away from here, which would be the highlight of it all, if mom really would cut off contact like I thought she would. I had no idea about the camera side of things, but I'd worked with some technical stuff that the library when it was called for, so hopefully it would be enough.

As I came out of the shower with just my towel wrapped around me, my email pinged and I instantly thought it would have been a reply from the agency about the job. Sadly it wasn't though. It was just Alice checking on me. I replied, saying that I may have possibly found a job and as soon as I sent the email, she all but demanded the details so that she could apply for it too as it stated 'women' between the ages of eighteen and twenty five, so there was obviously more than one job going.

I laughed as I sent her the details and wished her goodnight.

As I drifted off to sleep, I thought more and more about the job I knew nothing about.

I ended up craving for it as I drifted into dreamland.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chapter 2


The first time Jessica had mentioned anything like this, after eavesdropping on Carlisle's plans and running back to tell me about them, I was dead set against the idea of doing anything remotely like it.

But then everything changed.

I saw her video.


I had been in the industry for a few years, okay, more than a few years, and I knew that I still had a few more to go before I was deemed 'too old' to be doing this anymore, not that it bothered me. I knew that as soon as I 'retired', I would move to behind the cameras, just like my father.

He was beyond skilled at how he could read people, relate to them and give them what they wanted. He was on the ball all of the time about trends, what was changing and how he could change to adapt. He was never scared about doing something new and I really admired him for that. Working in this industry, well, it wasn't easy, but he made it work. He put his heart and soul into it and I wanted to do it justice when it was my turn to step up and take the lead.

"Edward, you would have full control," Jessica piped up as I read over the terms.

Dad had come up with an idea to lure in more Internet users and although the Internet was now our major earner, interaction through live chat was dwindling and fast. There was so much free stuff out there now and if you could get it for free, why would you pay for it? He wanted to turn this around and try and coax viewers back, and in turn, bump up the profits.

I could see his point. If we had a more intimate set up with our viewers, they would come back again and again. They wanted to relate to us, be us in some cases, and if we could appeal to their wants and needs more directly, it could work.

I could see his logic, I just didn't know if I would be up for everything else that went with it.

I placed the terms on my desk and dragged my hands heavily over my face. If I agreed to this, there was no backing out. Not only was I the son of the business owner, but I had my own following, people wanted a certain image from me. If this, or I, fucked up, there was no knowing where we would all end up.

"Edward, don't over think it. It's an amazing opportunity to bring in more business, meet new people and be a part of something that hasn't happened in the industry yet," Jessica cooed soothingly as she ran her fingers over my scalp.

I prickled at her touch and it wasn't in a good way.

We had filmed several scenes together, but that was as far as our relationship went and I was beyond happy about that. I knew what game she was playing and I wouldn't let her go much further than what she had in her head. She knew full well that I would have the final say on whoever we had in the house, and she wanted me to choose her.

I was in two minds though. I wasn't totally sure that dad's plans were good in all the aspects of them, and Jessica and I got on well. Even I had to admit that we had chemistry on set while the cameras were rolling, but again, that was as far as it went. I didn't think I could actually live with her.

And that's what it all came down to.

There would be six of us living in the house for the foreseeable future and I had to make sure that we would all get on. If we didn't, the viewings would plummet and we would all be out of pocket. By one hell of a lot. And not only that, but it was also down to our reputations, if we lost those, it would be hell for us all.

"Jessica, let me re-read the terms and tell dad I'll meet him for lunch in a little while," I said as I extracted myself from her and stood up from my desk.

I picked up the papers once again and made my way out of the office towards the gym.

It was the one place that I could get worked up in or chilled out, depending on my mood.

When I got there, I found that I wasn't alone and smiled at the thought.

"Morning, Edward," Em grunted as he lifted weights in the corner. Normally he would have been a lot friendlier since we had known each other since the beginning of high school, but he was in his 'zone' in the gym and was always serious in here. He said the gym was no place for pranks and I was happy he saw it that way because he was the practical joker out of all of us.

Honestly, you couldn't go a day without him doing or saying something, and in our line of business, it was refreshing to laugh and joke about sometimes.

"Hi, Em," I said as I threw the papers on a bench next to the door and walked over to the running machine. I loved to run. The feeling of lactic acid in my muscles, the burn, how I would ache afterwards, I loved all of it. It made me feel as though I had made progress and that I had pushed my body just that little bit too far.

"Slow down, Edward, or you'll pull something," Emmett's growl broke through my thoughts as he slowed my machine down click by click.

I hadn't even realized that I had been going so hard or for so long.

"Thanks, Emmett," I gasped as he handed me over a chilled bottle of water and threw a towel over my shoulder.

Despite his ape shit ways, I loved him.

"That's when you end up injuring yourself, not paying attention to what your mind or body is doing," he said firmly as he sat down on a bench next to me.

Picking up the papers, he scanned my dad's print and then looked up to me.

"He's really planning this?" he asked, his tone showed little surprise.

It wasn't news to anyone that dad had had something in the pipeline and with Jessica having the mouth that resembled a fog horn, there were rarely any secrets around this place.

"Yep, he wants to get this going as soon as possible," I replied with a shrug.

"Are you up for it? I mean, this is a huge thing to take on, there isn't even a timescale, when have we ever worked like that?" he asked as he stood up, reading and re-reading the ink on the pages.

It was true. Everything we had done in the past was on a timescale. It was planned down to the last details, but with this, there would be nothing, and in theory, we would be winging it for most of the time.

"I've thought over the pros and cons. The pros are good, really good in fact, but if it goes tits up, it will be one huge fall, financially and with his, and our, reputations," I mused as I started to stretch.

I felt the burn in my calf muscles and that was when I was grateful for Emmett stepping in. I would be so focused throughout the day, that when it came to the gym, I would just lose myself.

Not a good thing when you had a ton of shit on your mind.

"I'd be up for it, it sounds like fun, but I'm not exactly happy with some of his points. Why on earth does he want newbies in?" he asked in exasperation.

"From what we've managed to chat about through quick calls and texts, he wants fresh faces, to bring in a new swing to things. He wants to appeal to a wider range and if we carry on the way where going, we won't be in the lead of the market anymore," I replied honestly.

I hadn't seen dad in a few weeks and I hadn't spoken to him in full about any of his plans since before he went on vacation with mom.

"I think you need to sit down and work out the finer details with him, Edward. I don't mind doing this, but I'm not doing it in a blind date sort of way. I want to know about who he's going to set me up with," he almost huffed as he handed me back the papers, picked up his towel and walked out of the gym.

That was serious Emmett.

The fun one would be back later when we sat down at the dinner table, as always.

I let out my own little huff as I showered quickly and got dressed in clean sweats and a tee.

As I walked through the house, I thought about anything else that I would like to see or not see in dad's plans and by the time I got to my own office, I had a list as long as my arm on what I wanted to add or take away.

There was no way I was comfortable with starting out with a newbie on the first day of filming.

I wasn't that cruel.

I wanted to 'gel' with the right person and saw that it was only fair to be in on the interviews. I'm sure Jasper and Emmett would agree with me.

I also thought that we would definitely have to get to know these people before anything else, because yet again, if we didn't get on, it would all go tits up, and not in the good way.

Sighing deeply, I jotted down my own ideas in pencil next to dad's plans and then headed out to meet with him and mom for lunch, hoping that we could see eye to eye on the finer details of it all.